September – June


0.5 HOUR – 1 HOUR / WEEK

It’s never too early to learn how to dance. That’s why our preschool program offers two fun and educational classes focused on music and movement for young dancers aged 2 and 3 years old. During 30-minute classes built on song and dance, students learn basic skills and musicality while developing their confidence, cooperation, imagination, creative expression, and listening skills. Our preschool classes incorporate all three learning styles — kinaesthetic, visual and auditory — to engage, motivate, and encourage all dancers. Taught by friendly and supportive teachers, they’re the perfect way to kick off your child’s dance journey.

Preschool Ballet

This class was made for the little ballerina at heart. In our preschool ballet class, skilled teachers introduce basic ballet terminology and movements to develop your child’s gross motor skills, including hopping, skipping, and galloping. Students also learn to listen to and feel music through arm movements and travelling steps. Dancing to slower music, your young dancer will leave feeling just like a little prince or princess.

Preschool Dance

Have a young dancer who just can’t sit still when the music starts playing? This is the class for your little one. In our high-energy preschool dance class, students develop their motor skills and learn terminology and movements focused on building strength and flexibility, such as front rolls, back rolls, and back arches. Dancing to faster music, students also focus on practicing more upbeat moves as they tear up the dance floor.